Svedea is different

Svedea is different

Svedea is a relatively new challenger in the insurance industry and offers insurance for motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, dog and cat. Increase brand awareness of households by car by at least 5%.

vedea specializes in selected niches and competes with knowledge,
commitment and response. Svedea therefore has many customers overall, but they
who suffered an injury gives them extra high marks. Based on this paradox – that customers become even more satisfied after injury – the concept “Svedea is different” was created. A series of films were recorded, in which we see people relatively untouched for a new injury. To this was added “social proof” in the form of rating, as well as the number of customers. In the same way, radio spots were also recorded, as well as content for social media and banners.

The campaign has been a success, where TV in particular has driven the development of awareness. The success is mainly attributed to the combination of simple message, distinct design and clear sender.




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