Efficient communication on YouTube – 5 tips!

Efficient communication on YouTube – 5 tips!

Holy began the fall with an inspirational trip to New York. In addition to seeing many impressions from the city, we visited agencies, media and met with creators. A very appreciated event was when Sara Mattsson received us at Google’s office in the Meatpacking District. Sara usually works at the Stockholm office, but now runs a three-month project in New York. She helps brands create effective advertising on YouTube. So we took the opportunity to ask how.

1. Clearify your goals

What is the goal of the campaign? Begin by clarifying the target and deciding how to measure it; There are so many opportunities to measure results on YouTube whether the goal is brand awareness or sales. If the goal is clear in the brief, it will be easier to create a movie that meets it. Also, a single commercial may not meet all your goals …

2. Create for mobile

70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. What does your movie look like on mobile? Some concrete tips are to work at a faster rate, lighter films (the screen is smaller and often in battery saving mode), more zoomed in (faces / products) and larger text on the screen. Also remember to work with audio, 95% watch YouTube with audio on. Through experiments, for example, we have seen better results on commercials where you hear a voiceover while seeing a text that reinforces the same message.

3. Customize content to target audience

YouTube gives you great opportunities to reach many different audiences in a variety of ways. You can, for example, reach people who like to travel, cook, work out or shop but also more specific target groups such as people who have bought a new house, renovate their home, are in search of a new job or a loan. We have seen in experiments that the commercials that are adapted to different audiences perform better. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be that difficult to adjust. Maybe it is enough to change the text of the movie to be more relevant to a certain audience?

4. Storytelling

Mix different formats and create sequences. Sequences are still quite untapped on YouTube. For example, when creating the movies, you can decide how the sequence will look and create different movies for those who skip vs. watch the movie.

5. Think a little more like a YouTube creator

The most successful YouTube creators are 1) Analytical. They like to dig into statistics to learn what works and doesn’t work: use YouTube Analytics to see how your audience reacted to the movie. 2) Authentic. All content must feel authentic and they want to be able to stand for everything they create, a YouTube creator is their own brand: what is authentic to your brand? 3) Agile. They are quick to keep up with new trends, formats and news: are you sufficiently relevant and agile? Check out Google Trends or YouTube Trends for inspiration.

Bonus tip!

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